As a pageant fanatic, it will be a nightmare if they are going to be in a heated argument with a stranger who also happens to be a fan of another country. This is the case of a Filipino fan who cries foul after a Puerto Rican pageant fan puts his hands on the face of the victim. Not contented enough, the irate Puerto Rican Fan tore the Philippine flag in front of the Pinoy fan, leaving him in shock. This is not the scenario you want to happen when attending an event like Miss Universe 2019.

In a post from Facebook by Elaine Crisostomo, she was with a group of pageant fans who wants to support Gazini Ganados who is now representing the Philippines for Miss Universe 2019. Elaine's group cries foul over an unprovoked physical assault by the Puerto Rican pageant fanatics who become dangerously aggressive. Elaine posted a series of photos from her mobile device and made live streaming in her personal Facebook account to let the public know what happened to them.

Miss Universe beauty pageant is the most anticipated international beauty pageant in the world. Candidates from all over the world vie for the most prestigious crown in the universe worth $5 million dollars to become the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Elain appears frustrated and disgusted by the action of the assailant who intentionally made a physical assault to the Pinoy pageant fan. She mentioned in her live stream that attending Miss Universe 2019 is just like attending a game for amusement and to support the representative of your country. As a pageant supporter, you are boosting the morale of the representative by your physical presence for your country. However, it is a shame that there are fans who use their emotions to aggravate a certain issue by becoming physically aggressive towards others.

What is more frustrating, this aggressor grabbed the Philippine Flag and tore into half out of emotional disgruntlement. The actions of this Puerto Rican fans made the Philippine fans furious over the incident. The group of Elaine quickly called for police to attend the situation where the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene after the call and then made necessary procedures to the incident.

It is advised that pageant fans should always be vigilant to their surroundings when attending an event such as Miss Universe 2019. Incidents such as heated arguments with strangers is a serious concern. What's more disturbing is when a fan becomes physically aggressive that can potentially cause intimidation or coercion to their victims during a heated argument.

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