Everything happens for a reason for each person to become something unique in their own ways that relate to the personal lives of every individual or even group. For Pastor Quiboloy, being a leader of a massive religious group is something that he should always thankful for. The main reason is to become a prominent person with a unique personality and influence on the whole organization that he is currently managing and aiming to provide a more interesting impact.

Pastor Quiboloy decided not to stop the approaching Typhoon Tisoy considered as one of the strongest tropical disturbances to hit the Philippines for the year 2019. The West Pacific Typhoon basin has a considerable mild on brewing tropical disturbance this season. There are lesser than usual tropical cyclones that hit several countries in the Far East Asian region.
Quiboloy is aware the Philippines will still experience a continuous onslaught of future tropical weather disturbances. The Philippines sits in front of the Typhoon belt on the West Pacific basin for tropical storm formation. The country experiences at least 20 tropical cyclone visits each year. This occurrence makes the country to have the most visits to a tropical disturbance than any other country in the world.

The main question is why Apollo Quiboloy did not stop the tropical disturbance and allow it to brush the central Philippine area? Quiboloy states the presence of bashers that never stopped bugging him each day. He receives multiple bashing of random individuals for unknown reasons. The bashing made him really upset not to stop the approaching typhoon to affect the country.

To explain further, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy mentioned he has been receiving backlash from different kinds of individuals and even groups. The most intense bashing comes from his social media accounts from random users who want to promote intimidation and psychological coercion. As a person of interest, it is really hurtful for him to receive such bashings for he is not doing anything wrong about it.

Earlier, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy mentioned that he is the chosen one to be the sole ruler of the universe. Anything that he desires will be upon the grants of the Lords of heavens who made him the most powerful man in the universe. This is the reason he believes he is able to stop any approaching typhoons or any weather disturbances to approach the Philippines.

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