All I can say is really wow. Gazini Ganados proved herself as one of the strongest contenders for Miss Universe 2019. During the preliminary competition, this competitor from the Philippines continues to make waves throughout the pageant by giving her the best performance in this competition. Many are now having high hopes for this woman to finally clinch the fifth crown for the Philippines and eventually wear the Mouawad crown as the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Gazini Ganados initially made social media waves when her fashion stylist Tiffany made a live stream, showing the most promising candidate in this year's Miss Universe beauty pageant. Tiffany was preparing and tasked to do the makeup and styling for Gazini before entering the stage for the preliminary competition of Miss Universe. Pageant supporters compare Gazini to supermodel Adriana Lima due to her expensive appearance and charming aura while doing her final touches.

For Many, Gazini could really make a back to back win for this year if she will really play her cards well. Now that she is done with the preliminaries, she must have to focus more on communications training. Her mastery of answering random questions will definitely make her through the finals round of the pageant.

Press Presentation of the Preliminaries: Gazini Ganados wears a pink dress during the opening portion of the preliminaries. The design of the dress is kinda from Cary Santiago's as it is uniquely different from other contestants wearing their casual dresses in that part of the show. Gazini garnered one of the loudest cheers when she opened her mouth and introduced herself as the representative of the Philippines for Miss Universe 2019.

Other noticeable candidates during the press presentation of candidates are Thailand with multiple pageant fans all over the corner. The United States also has noticeable pageant supporters on the background. The other candidate in Mexico, which has multiple Latino candidates cheering for her.

Swimsuit Competition

Some candidates slipped on stage during this part of the show, testing their patience and determination to show their stage presence momentum. Gazini is lucky to show her effortless Phoenix Walk throughout the stage during her time to shine. She made several twirls, showing her mastery in the Pasarela due to her rigorous training in the Philippines under several Pinoy beauty pageant camps. There is a noticeably slow motion in each of her poses that highlights the way she walks on stage.
Gown Competition

When Gazini appeared on stage with her golden phoenix gown, everyone became ecstatic on how to flaunt her stage. She even moved slightly on the right to pave way for Miss Peru to go backstage before dominating the whole stage herself during her moment to shine. Her gown is intricately made by Cary Santiago with multiple details in every inch of the garment to show the classic approach of the Haute Couture. The gown is somewhat similar to what she wore during her final's night performance of Binibnining Pilipinas, which is the Pink dress.

Strong Competitors

To name a few, there are strong contestants that Gazini should watch out for. Puerto Rico has the best catwalk. Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, India, and South Africa are noticeably dominant during that pageant. Other surprises were Peru, Japan, Ireland, Tanzania, Kazakhstan.

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