After the recent Miss Universe pageant, there is a new personality that became more famous than his celebrity status. Steve Harvey made rounds in various mass media such as social media websites, news television, and radio networks. He became an instant sensation when he announced the wrong winner of the annual Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The issue created a worldwide trend, wherein his mistake was the talk of the town to each country all over the world.

Miss Universe Organization producer granted another chance for Steve Harvey to host the pageant again that will be held in Belize, a beautiful tropical paradise that faces the Caribbean. The producer was amazed about the positive outcome that rendered positive publicity for the MUO even though a horrible mistake has been established by the host. MUO understood that Harvey's actions were sudden and unintended due to an overexcitement for announcing the wrong winner of the recent pageant.
Steve Harvey with Miss Universe 2015 contestants from Steve Harvey FB page
About Steve Harvey: Broderick Stephen Harvey is an American comedian and host to various television programs until the present day. He is also well-known as a television host, actor, author, and radio personality. While watching some of his television programs, he assimilates comedic humor on stage. He can easily attract attention through his creative mindsets whenever he will be performing on stage. This is the reason why there are still numerous other personalities that were stunned by his professionalism by handling controversial issues with humility and calmness.

As a long time host and television personality, he is not new to various controversies especially regarding stories on show business. This is the reason why he can handle any awkward situation even if he is facing thousands of crown at a certain point of time. He can always work under pressure and can withstand any challenge that can face him when facing the camera in front of an immense number of spectators or audiences. Steve Harvey is always positively driven and is delighted to be hosting the pageant next year in Belize.

The question is, do you still want Steve harvey to host Miss Universe in the Philippines on January 30, 2017. Steve Harvey has a fiver-year contract with the Miss Universe Organization starting from 2015 to 2020. You will see him again in the future Miss Universe editions even after the 65th edition of Miss Universe that will be held in Manila, Philippines.

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10 Interesting facts about Steve Harvey

1. He is a long-time host: Working for several years as a host, he developed a unique hosting sting that is distinct from other hosts. For this reason, hosting is one of his best forte to create an amusing environment for spectators. Some of the most famous talk show that he hosts are the Steve Harvey, Family Feud, and The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

2. Famous author: Aside from being known as a talk show host, he is also a writer. Steve Harvey authored several books that include "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" that was published on March of 2009 as well as "Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a man". This means that his level of skill is not that ordinary as what you seem he is. Steve Harvey is definitely a very talented writer aside from being a talk show host.

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3. Steve Harvey is an accomplished Hollywood Star: For those who might not know, Steve Harvey received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May of 2013, making him as one of the most accomplished Hollywood celebrities. Aside from being included from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he is an 11-time NAACP Image Award from a variety of categories with a three-time Daytime Emmy Award winner.

4. First African-American host: Steve Harvey is the first African-American male host to anchor the Miss Universe beauty pageant. This is not known to many, but it is a clear fact that he made history in the Miss Universe pageant as the first ever African-American television personality. And as a host of that particular event, he really proved his worth as a host.

5. Historic announcement of a wrong winner: Local pageants all over the world sometimes experiences a human error in tabulation sheets in favor to the wrong girl to win the pageant. However, Steve Harvey made the most controversial issue for announcing the wrong winner in the mother of all pageant. No other hosts from the same pageant who have had committed such mistake.

6. He is worth $100 million: Steve Harvey is not just your ordinary host. Basing from his past declaration of assets and liabilities, he has a total of $100 million worth of properties that were brought from his talent fee as an entertainment. This might seem that his talent fee is considerably handsome when he was offered a slot to host the Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant. His talent fee was worth it because his mistake generated international media attention as well as attracting social media discussion.

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7. Steve Harvey has at least seven children: After being married three times, he is happy to raise seven children under his comfort. They are Brandi and Karli that was born in 1982 and Broderick Steve Jr. that was born in 1991 from his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Mary Shackelford was his second wife and then he fathered Wynton in 1997. The current and the third wife is Marjorie Bridges who already have three children; namely, Morgan in 1987, Jason in 1991, and Lori in 1997.

8. He created a dating website: Steve Harvey may seem to be that eager to venture into dating website to expand his business but it's not. He established "Delightful" website in 2014.  He is dedicating his own dating website for the purpose of empowering women to be confident to date their new love interest. This is the build a stronger confidence to show their true self and find the man that they can be with for the rest of their lives.

9. He was a boxer: During his younger 20's, Steve Harvey was serious into boxing as his official sports interest. He participated in local amateur boxing matches in his community right after graduating from college. You can see it in his body built that he was a potentially productive boxer if he could only pursue it during his younger years.

10. He worked as an insurance salesman: Steve Harvey loves to talk and talk. He tried to get into insurance policy salesman, using his wit and ability to persuade his clients in order to make a sale with the insurance company that he was working with. This was probably the time when he discovered that his persuasive skill is different by utilizing his humor with the clients aiming to acquire insurance policies.

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