After winning Miss USA 2016, on June 5, 2016, Deshauna is slowly gaining more hearts as she starts her reign as the brand ambassadress of Miss USA beauty pageant. Pageant critics are now starting to realize that this girl has got what it takes to be the new queen of the United States as Miss USA 2016. She now currently scheduled to attend formal events, media interviews, and humanitarian efforts across the United States.

Deshauna has slowly been garnering positive remarks to various pageant critics due to her representation of America to be a diverse representative to the world. Americans are optimistic about Barber's position as Miss USA 2016 because they believe that she did her best during the coronation night of the pageant. Now that she is a beauty queen in the United States, Deshauna continues to banner the Miss USA brand to become a new role model to young individuals on hopes to play as an inspiration to aspiring future pageant contestants or beauty queens.
Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber
Deshauna Barber was a dark horse during the pageants night. When analysts tried to review her performance during the preliminary and the finals night competition, they noticed something brilliant about her. As she maintained her low-profile situation during the pageant, she was determined to always look at her best while waiting for the right time to bloom during the pageant's night.

As the rightful representative of Miss USA, she is expected to attend several events that will be organized by dignitaries as well as other pageant handlers. As Miss USA Olivia Jordan is now officially a past titleholder, the current reigning queen is tasked to continue the goals and missions in order to maintain the high-end image of Miss USA brand to promote several causes across the United States.

Barber's military colleagues are proud of her recent achievement because she represented the dignity of the US Army as a former service personnel. For this reason, she takes responsibility to ensure that the vision and mission of the Miss Universe Organization through Miss USA to maximize her influence to American citizens as well as pageant followers. However, if Deshauna fails to fulfill her duty as Miss USA, she will be eventually replaced by Miss Hawaii, who is her current 1st runner-up during the coronation night of Miss USA 2016. Now, let's take a look some of the best reasons why Deshauna deserves to be Miss USA 2016.

5 inspirational facts why Deshauna Barber deserves the Miss USA 2016 title

1. She represents diversity 

Deshauna Barber is one of the few African-American Miss USA titleholders. The last African-American Miss USA who represented America during the Miss Universe beauty pageant was Rachel Smith in 2007. Deshauna is the perfect choice to bear the flag of the United States because she is representing a country that is multicultural, allowing freedom to be who you are regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, and religious belief.

2. A disciplined beauty queen 

Barber is a member of US Army, which she gained self-discipline, showing her respect for her professionalism and always fulfills her goal as Miss USA ambassadress. She knows how to control her style, strategy, and ability to influence others by using proper tactics that aim to influence other individuals. She takes pride with her current status as Miss USA 2016, which is previously motivated by her past experience as a member of US Army.

3. Maintains a role model for fitness and beauty

As a representative for Miss Universe 2016 pageant, Deshauna always ensures that she is always in shape. She consistently undergoes rigorous exercise routine on a daily basis to ensure that no sign of fat development will occur to her body. Through this daily activity, she wants to provide hope for individuals who were starting to become conscious can make her as their reference person to start working out and maintaining a good shape.

4. She is a people person

 This girl is approachable. She is always ready to face any type of crowd because she is aware that being a beauty queen automatically set yourself as an apple in the public. Being conversant is one of her forte as a beauty queen because she is always assigned to face numerous crowds every single day. Not only through personal meet-ups, but she can also engage with public interaction using social media websites to maintain her connections with her fans, followers, and sponsors.

5. She is an information technology expert 

She was working as an information technology analyst as well as a logistics manager for the US Army Reserve. Deshauna knows how to manage every task that she can possibly accomplish because as an information management professional, she is able to take pride in accomplishing things in a chronological manner. She knows how to handle pressure on social media websites, combining her military knowledge on how to control unruly netizens responsible for bullying and perpetrating cyber-related crimes.

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