Cleveland Cavaliers finally defeated the Golden State Warriors. Cavaliers proved that they are a threat to prevent the Warriors to defend their title for this current season. The game will push through for the Cavaliers to tie with the Golden State Warriors (3-3). Cleveland Cavaliers triumphed the gamed with 115 score over Golden State Warrior's 101. The Golden State Warriors will now have to make up their minds in order to finally defend their title for this season on Game 7.

Game 7 will be the last and final game between the two finalists, who are aiming to seek for another championship. Cleveland Cavaliers are set to take over against the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors. This will test the players from the West Coast to determine who will be the best team to reign Supreme for the NBA finals on Game 7.
LeBron James scored 41 points against the Warriors to win Game 6
The finals will be on June 20 (Monday). The do or die match between the top two teams will bolt their offense and defense to determine who will be the champion for the current NBA season. Game 7 will be the last game is just days away, allowing both teams to analyze their mistakes, which will learn from the past games to help both teams to outshine their skills in basketball.

Both games 6 and 7 is extremely upsetting for the Golden State Warriors. This team from the east coast performed better than the Cleveland Cavaliers during the first three games, reaching to a score of 3 wins against only 1 for the Cavaliers. However, Cavaliers intensified their defenses, making it difficult for the Warriors to adjust their game strategies to earn more points from the game.

On the part of the Cavaliers, it seems that they have already formulated the best plan against the Warriors. Players were mostly taller than the Warriors, making it an advantage to block any potential attempts that makes free throws and three pointers. Blocking is seen as the key as well as steals to ensure that the Cavaliers will finally extend their score gap from the Warriors. This strategy materialized effectively and accurately during the 5th and 6th games.


1. Golden State Warriors

  • Field Goal is 33/82 (40%)
  • Three Pointers is 15/39 (38%)
  • Free Throws is 20/29 (69%)
  • Turnovers is 14
  • Rebounds is 35
  • Assists of 19
2. Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Field Goal is 40/77 (52%)
  • Three Pointers is 10/27 (37%)
  • Free Throws 25/32 (78%)
  • Turnovers is 10
  • Rebounds is 45
  • Assists is 24
LeBron James scored 41 points against the Cavaliers while Kyrie Irving contributed 23 points to win against the Golden State Warriors. Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors contributed a game high of 37 points while Stephen Curry had at least 30 points. 

As for the First conference, the Golden state Warriors had only 11 against 31 for the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is the most important quarter that made their way to load their gap away towards the end of the game. 

The Golden State Warriors attempted to close the deficit by outpacing the Cavaliers to a score of 32 against 28. The same thing also happened on the third quarter with the score of 28 against 21 for the Cavaliers. 

But on the 4th quarter, the Golden State Warriors were unable to maintain their composure as some of the players lacks concentration to the game. Steph Curry and Barbosa incurred a foul, in which Curry was booted out of the game during the fourth quarter. 

LeBron James and Irtving dominated the 4th quarter by controlling their aggressiveness and with a consistent blocking over the Cavaliers. 

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