Did you know that sauna is a natural body cleansing routine that brings significant health benefits on a long-term basis? If this will be the first time that you will be informed about this matter, well, there are several reasons why. Many are just wondering why Sauna is good for your health because they were not oriented about the benefits of this practice to their health. But once they will know more about the effects of this practice, it will be a breakthrough for the community to decrease the number of individuals who are suffering from respiratory diseases.

When you think about sauna, this is all about getting steamed in an enclosed room where people go inside and stay for at least one hour. Sauna centers are commonly found in a spa where they offer this services to consumers. This is the place where you can relax while having yourself steamed in an enclosed room to relieve stress. For some, sauna is a way for people to relax and spend their quality time pampering their body so that they can eliminate all kinds of stress that affect their daily routine.
Sauna helps to reduce nicotine from your body
History of Sauna can be traced back to the ancient times. Previous communities were able to create ways to provide a relaxing activity to relieve a stressful environment. During ancient times, Greeks and Romans constructed spas to cater leaders who want to experience a luxurious way of spending their leisure time. Since Italy and Greece are located on an active geological area, there are natural hot springs that emit steam, warming up pools and rivers.

Since the development of ancient spa, succeeding generations adapted this system to create their version of a spa in their community. Construction of spa centers in ancient Greek and in Rome influenced other civilizations across the Mediterranean civilizations. Asian visitors were also amazed by the practice of this new way of spending leisure time with other individuals while they manipulate an environment to become more beneficial. This is not just by spending a good time soaking your body, but also having the chance to replenish the inner side of your body.

Native American Indians from the past centuries also developed their unique way of developing their sauna. The style is different because they mainly use it as a form of a healing practice. Native American Indians use it as a way to provide a practice to improve the health of their companions who are believed to be suffering from an illness. They construct a stone with a compartment at the bottom where they boil water, which produces steam inside the enclosed room. While boiling the water, it releases a hot steam that warms up inside the room, allowing the person inside to be healed by inhaling the steam as well as making them to perspire.

Why Sauna eliminates nicotine from your body?

The first answer is that the steam relaxes  the smooth muscles in our body. Our body always reacts with the temperature wherein it allows the muscle to dilate and relaxed. Example of a smooth muscle is the blood vessel. When it will be dilated, it allows the passage of more blood products to circulate across our body. This is essential because it allow more nutrients as well as body's defense to eliminate all pathogenic microorganisms.

The second is to clear our respiratory system. The vapor from the steam enters our respiratory system upon inhalation to penetrate the alveoli structures. The vapor will then softens hardened particles, eliminating unwanted foreign bodies such as hardened nicotine substance. The vapor integrates with the nicotine that can be easily expelled through coughing. Aside from coughing, you will also expire the nicotine that will be integrated with the vapor upon exhalation.

Thirdly, your body perspires when exposed to a warm environment. Perspiration is the process when the body will be ordering the sweat glands to be released in order to replenish the skin. This process can also release any harmful substance from the body to reduce the amount of toxins that are harmful to the body. Spending at least one hour to a spa can completely allow the body to totally remove the nicotine amount through perspiration because there are some nicotine elements that are circulating across your body.

For best results, you can regularly visit spa at least one hour on a weekly basis. But when you want to decrease the amount of nicotine out of your syste, going to a spa at least three consecutive days can further bring a significant health benefit to your body.


Nicotine is a substance that is harmful to your body. This is due to the fumes inhaled when a person smokes. This is a parasympathomimetic substance that can cause a hallocinugenic effect to the body once it will penetrate the smooth muscles. Nicotine is an addictive substance that causes compulsion for those who are going to chew, inhale, or just by sniffing it. Nicotine is an alkaloid substance that can be found inside nightshade plants, in which one is tobacco.

Nicotine is bad for your health because it harms the respiratory by gradually creating a stain along the walls of the alveoli. As it accumulates, it can cause irritations. When the alveoli irritates, it can cause allergic reaction, thereby generating bacterial growth that leads to infection. Nicotine can cause cancer formation because it can change the cellular structure of the cells to mutate on an abnormal rate.

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