Orlando, Florida is now under a state of emergency due to the recent carnage brought about by a lone gunman responsible for opening fire in a public place. The shooter went to a gay nightclub for spreading Jihadist against his targetted victims who were just spending their Saturday night. There were at least 50 people who were confirmed dead at the scene including the main suspect responsible for the carnage.

The latest shooting rampage in Orlando, Florida is considered as the largest mass shooting incident in the history of the United States. Apart from the victims who died at the scene, there are still 53 who were seriously injured and confined in various medical facilities within Orlando, Florida. Immediate families, relatives, and friends of victims are deeply mourning about the bloody incident. Prayers are now being offered for those who were involved from the incident.
Omar Mateen, the prime suspect of Orlando, Florida shootings
Authorities are still identifying the exact identities of the victims because some victims did not bring their identification cards while they were in the night club. This means that the immediate family members, friends, and relatives of the victims have yet to be informed by the authorities. Other concerned citizens also rushed to the scene in order to confirm if some of their beloved family members were there during the time of the incident. Others rushed to the hospital to confirm if the fatalities or the injured victims could be confined.

There is an ongoing investigation that is now coordinated by several US security agencies in order to puzzle the mysteries behind the recent killing rampage. Authorities from the State of Florida were overwhelmed by the carnage because the situation made a history in the entire nation. The Federal Bureau of investigation is now scrutinizing the real identity of the suspect behind the bloody incident that sparked another security concern not only in the United States but across the world.

Authorities have identified the main suspect as Omar Mateen. He is a 29-year-old male, responsible for the bloody shootout in a gay night club in Orlando Florida. Omar also made a hostage-taking-scenario after the police authorities surrounded him in the area where he just made a shooting rampage. As he fought with the authorities, he was then eventually shot and killed on the scene of the incident in order to ensure the security of the area. Security agencies are also wondering the real motive behind the motive left behind by Omar Mateen. But who is Omar Mateen? Let us find it further

7 Interesting facts about Omar Mateen you should know

1. He is a radicalized Islamist militant: Before initiating the shooting rampage, Omar Mateen has pledged himself to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which is the most feared and powerful terrorist organization in the world. He was radicalized due to his unstable mental condition, aggressive behavior, and disturbed emotional integrity that is a perfect recipe for the militants scouting for lone wolf attackers outside Syria and Iraq. Omar honored his actions towards the ideologies of ISIS through his jihadist campaign.

2. Omar is from Afghanistan: It is not about his identity as an Afghan, but rather, his Islamic background may have influenced him to increase his perceptions about Jihadist principles. His background is the perfect profile for ISIS militants to recruit because it will be easier for them to have someone coming from same country or region of origin to spread the word of Jihad. It is very disturbing, but it is a fact that concerns security agencies.

3. He was linked to individuals who were tagged as potentially radicalized: Some Omar's friends were already began showing signs of radicalization as they were being preyed by Islamic militants to help spread the word of terrorism. However, police authorities did not seriously consider him as a potential threat to the society as he was no previous records of grave criminal activities.

4. Mateen was allowed to legally purchase guns: The United States have a very relaxed gun laws, which makes anyone to be legally purchasing any firearms they want. This was the same issue for Omar Mateen because he was not restricted to purchase firearms. Potentially radicalized US residents should have been prohibited to purchase guns. But in the case of Omar Mateen, he was wrongly identified as a serious to the security of the US society.

5. Promotes LGBT discrimination: Under the principles of Jihadist, anyone who engages in sexual activity with the same sex should be immediately executed. This is the same for those who are showing signs of belonging to the LGBT generation, which is considered as unacceptable according to the ultra-conservative laws of ISIS principles. Omar used this reference against individuals who are now engaging in same-sex practices.

6. Revealed ISIS is now targeting LGBT individuals: After Omar Mateen made a successful terrorist attack in Orlando Florida, there was a foiled attempt to attack the members of LGBT community in Los Angeles, California. There is an ongoing gay pride in Los Angeles, which is a perfect target for the extremist to start another terrorist attack. However, the plan was foiled when concerned citizens reported suspicious activities of a person who is carrying ammunitions by piling up explosives and firearms inside his car.

7. Omar Mateen was officially identified as an accomplished member of ISIS: Omar Mateen Is now considered a hero for the ISIS terrorist organization. By fulfilling the requirement to propagate a mass killing spree in a public area, he is considered as a full pledged member of the ISIS. However, he failed to defend himself as he was the lone gunman. However, his actions were significant enough to cause a historical terror attack in the most powerful country in the world.

A few days ago, another shooting incident occurred in Orlando, Florida. That time was the killing of former the Voice winner Christina Grimmie. She sustained a fatal gunshot wound after she was directly approached by the gunman right after her musical gig while signing autographs. Authorities discovered that the gunman was a fellow contestant of voice where he was grouped with Christina Grimmie during the group elimination rounds. A personal grudge from Kevin Loibl was believed to be the main cause of the shooting spree.

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