His excellency, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte prioritizes a bill that would return back the death penalty in his country. This is one of his main agenda right after taking his oath. Capital punishment will be the best provision for him to neutralize all criminal activities that are hampering economic growth in the country. As a president, it is his duty and responsibility to be the rightful serving father of the Philippines until his term ends.

The former mayor of Davao City wants to apply his current leadership to the entire Philippines. He is hopeful that there will be a significant transformation once that the Philippines becomes peaceful after he will be the next president of the country. This includes crime prevention that promotes peace and order in the country. Although it is a challenging task, but the new president is determined to contain criminal activities, which is a major problem in the country due to consistent widespread reports.
President Rodrigo Duterte wants hanging for criminal offenders
President Rodrigo Duterte is an outgoing Mayor of Davao City. He was applauded by the general public for being efficient in implementing good governance as well as maintaining peace and order in the city. But there is one thing that is well-known about him, which is the way he neutralizes criminal offenders who are notoriously dangerous. These notorious criminals are capable of destroying the safety and security for everyone that they victimize.

After winning the elections as the first president of the Philippines hailing from Mindanao, he is poised to apply his leadership to the entire nation with his efficient tactics. But there is one thing that he would like to legalize before concentrating on his security campaign, which is about his measures to ensure that his leadership will not be smeared with illegal activities. Implementing capital punishment is the best way to ensure that the safety of the community will be applied under his leadership for the next six years.

But what is a death penalty? This is the question that many are not yet familiar due to the lack of knowledge about this particular application of the law. Going through with the discussion, a death penalty is the application of death for a criminal individual who committed a grave misconduct against the community. Convicted criminals will have to face the tooth of the law by being executed by the representative of the authority who will be responsible for serving justice to the community.

A death penalty is applied in the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Oman, Yemen, and Algeria. The Philippines is poised to join these nations who will be executing some of the most notorious criminals including the syndicates that are illegally operating their businesses across the country.

It is an interesting to know that Duterte prefers to use a style by hanging. This is not your traditional style of executing criminals through lethal injection style. He wants to show that criminals should suffer the consequences of their past criminal behaviors by returning the pain that they committed against their victims.

Why Duterte wants to return Capital Punishment?

The Philippines has a growing crime problem across the archipelago. Criminals were not properly apprehended that they end up doing repeat offenses whenever they got out from the prison. Repeat offenders become bullies and notorious for their fearless passion for propagating crime against other individuals, groups, or a certain organization. One thing more about repeat offenders is that they end up organizing their new criminal group in order to become bolder and resistant to any legal apprehensions.

One of the most important things is about the extermination of extremist groups. The Philippines is always vulnerable to attacks by Islamist militants. These are Abu Sayyaf, Jemaah Islamiyah, Maute group, and other new Islamist militants that are brewing over the country.

Drug syndicates are still rampant across the country no matter what the country's efforts try to indict criminal offenders. Big fishes responsible for initiating prohibited substance abuse practices are sometimes protected by public and security officials who should have been controlling illegal practices across the country.

The involvement of police securities including some military personnel are also reported because confiscated prohibited substances are being recycled. Corrupt public officials reuse confiscated paraphernalia in order to satisfy their self-greed by illegally selling it to other users and pushers, making criminal more rampant.

President Duterte's vision is clear when prohibition of illegal substances will be properly controlled, criminal activities will significantly decrease. You can hang around at midnight without at risk of being potentially vulnerable for any criminal practices by criminal offenders who are lurking in the night to evade security forces across the community.

In addition, when criminal activities become controlled, previous administration's economic campaign becomes progressive and competitive in both local and international marketplaces. This is a domino effect that will be expected for a nation that it always trying it hard to ensure that the safety of the community and businesses will be protected.

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