Remember this beautiful lady from down under? She is now the new face in one of the most coveted cosmetic line in the world. Meet Jesinta Campbell, the new model and official brand ambassadress of Olay. You will expect her to pose and expose her modeling career at your streets because Olay is now currently undergoing photoshoots for the next campaign of Olay in some of your favorite magazine brands and other fashion media.

Jesinta is now ready to invade the modeling world to international arena. Her starting point for being the brand ambassadress of Olay is considered as one of the most significant campaign with her modeling career in the international stage. She is now going to penetrate international magazine covers of several known fashion brands, featuring one of the most sought cosmetic lines in the world. This is one of the lifetime privilege for her because she will be able to showcase her modeling skill in the fashion industry.
Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner-up Jesinta Campbell

As a model, her transition was not noticed by most pageant fanatics because she was originally known as a former representative of Australia during the Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant. She started as a local campaign brands in some of the local fashion industries across Australia. As a new model in the local fashion industry, she slowly transitioned by using her celebrity status as well as experience in the pageantry world to pursue her new passion, which is to become a brand ambassadress.

Jesinta Campbell has been modeling since she represented her country well during the Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a local celebrity in Australia, she was a hot icon where local brands started to scout her to represent their brands in the country. As Jesinta was busy campaigning for several brands, she became more popular to other brands. Some of these brands belong to the fashion industry, opening for more opportunities for her to slowly enter the modeling industry.

Miss Campbell was also invited to host several television shows being aired locally in her community as well as appearing in national television media. Jesinta was also invited by producers and directors to become a cast in several television shows since Miss Universe 2010 stint. Since then, she become a famous celebrity in Australia. Jesinta also became known worldwide because there are fans who remembers her as a representative of Australia during the annual international pageant.

She appeared on Celebrity Apprentice Australia as one of the official contestants under the team unity. Jesinta also appeared on Seven Network's The Morning Show. Campbell also appeared on the Hot30 countdown in a local radio network program.

Jesinta Campbell is delighted to be the face of Olay brand because it is one of the most known cosmetic lines in the world. As the new face of Olay, she is very proud of herself for being chosen as the rightful candidate to be bannering the brand to the world.

Audiences will start to see her posing for several Olay brands in fashion magazines, social media, and print media networks. Whenever you will see an advertising campaign that promotes the brand, you would not notice that the woman who is posing behind the  brand is the former Miss Universe 2010 2nd runner-up.


Jesinta Campbell gained the license to represent the country as the official delegate for Miss Universe 2010. She was crowned as Miss Australia 2010 during the coronation night in June 17, 2010. Jesinta represented Queensland during the national pageant.

Jesinta was sent to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete for the annual Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant. On August 23, 2010, Jesinta was proclaimed as the second runner-up during the pageant's night. She caused a controversy when she indicated that she should be the winner and not Miss Mexico. She also claimed that some candidates and pageant staff at the backstage made her costume look bad to prevent her from winning the pageant.

Best of luck, Jesinta

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