This is what happens when you just park your car in the wrong place at the wrong time. A taxi was photographed being parked that is piled with garbage while passers-by walk through the vehicle as they notice an unusual scenario. The scene became overwhelming because the scenario is quickly gaining attention. This situation was the first to happen in the area and probably to the whole Baguio community where a parked vehicle is filled with freshly dumped garbage.

The taxi is not just surrounded by an ordinary trash. It is piled up with an overwhelming truckload of trash. By looking at the scene, the garbage almost covered the vehicle. Residents and passers-by in the area were curious about the incident and wondering why people decided to dispose their garbages that is full enough to cover a vehicle. Residents are now wondering the motive why they prefer to dump their waste to cover the taxi when there is a designated area where garbage will be disposed and then later on collected by the garbage collector in the area.
A taxi was dumped with a pile of trash after being parked in a 'no parking' zone
The vehicle is a white-colored Toyota Revo that was parked along the street that is covered with a pile of garbage. The owner of the taxi is identified as Frenzel Kiley. Notice that the vehicle obviously violates a certain road policy where it parked a 'no parking' zone. As the result, there is an unorthodox way of punishing violators. But this time, the public decided to apprehend the violator by dumping a pile of garbage that almost covered the entire vehicle.

The location of the taxi where it was photographed is in Middle Quirino Hill, Baguio City. The photograph was taken by JFK Kiley and posted the pictures on his personal Facebook page. The owner of the vehicle happens to be related to JFK Kiley. Franklin is the cousin of the photographer who took the picture. He is a known photographer who took the advantage of exposing the vehicle of his cousin through posting it on his Facebook page. The photo was taken sometime last week and it is now just starting to gain attention to various social media networks due to an unusual story of the vehicle while parking on a wrong place.

The photographer also warned residents all over the city to park their vehicles on proper designations to avoid similar problems in the future. Baguio City is currently suffering a garbage problem wherein the city is still finding a proper area for the garbage to be dumped to prevent stacks of garbage that can be seen piled up all over the city.

The person who parked the vehicle during that time was having a long stressful night. Due to stress, the driver decided to park the vehicle and took a nap before dawn. But when he came back to the vehicle, he was shocked to see that the vehicle was full of trash. He was also wondering how a pile of trash was dumped in just a few hours, surrounding and over his vehicle. The owner of the taxi is now enraged over an alleged way of having an intentional way of disposing waste materials over a taxi.

The owner admits his mistake by not being able to park his taxi on a proper designation area and was sorry to park on a 'no parking' zone. However, he felt deeply humiliated by the actions of whoever did this to his vehicle. He is now angry on those involved with the dumping a pile of trash that almost covered his entire vehicle.

The scene was considered a laughing matter for those who will pass by at the vehicle for beign covered in trash. However for Franklin, it was a no laughing matter because he felt insulted with the way people who apprehended him through embarassing his taxi with trash. He is willing to cooperate for any legal actions taken against the violation he committed. But he is already decided to file charges against the barangay whom he believe was responsible for punishing his vehicle with pile of trash.

Middle Quirino Hill barangay authorities denies the allegations by the owner of taxi. Citing that never did they know about the incident. Neither any of the barangay captain nor its barangay council members were involved with the incident involving with what happened to the taxi. The barangay is willing to cooperate for whatever actions that can be done regarding the incident.

This is a warning for rule breakers to avoid having a headache in the future and being humiliated by the public. Always obey the laws so that you will not be spending time, effort, and money to file a suit against any unavoidable circumstances that might cause humiliation or insult on your behalf.

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