When Mother Nature makes a surprise, you cannot do anything but to witness its full force as it can affect your area. At 3 in the afternoon of August 14, 2016, a tornado suddenly touched down in Metro Manila, Philippines. The swirling winds surprised Metro Manila when it formed a funnel-shaped cloud swirling in the atmosphere. The twister was visibly seen on the horizon when the rain stopped that afternoon in the Metro.

Residents were horrified when they noticed that something from above is going to happen, especially to those who were near the area. The weather phenomenon started when people in the Metro noticed that a swirling wind is slowly starting to pick up debris in the sky. The wind suddenly became terrifying at it slowly lifted roofs, poles, and several debris. A funnel-shaped cloud started forming, which confirmed that it is a twister, threatening the safety of those who are located near the tornado in Metro Manila.
A tornado was caught destroying structures in Manila on the left, damaging properties as seen from the right
Witnesses start to pick up their phones and then start taking several photos of the natural phenomenon that affected the area. Others were eager to record the twister in order to have a remembrance from their phone. But some were able to publish photos and videos of the tornado to their social media accounts.

Even from afar, residents who were in an elevated area were able to see the twisting funnel cloud as it rips Metro Manila. Residents were scared when there were several electric lines that were snapped by the funnel cloud, causing power outages in several areas. Sparking electric lines can be visibly seen as it caused havoc across the metropolis of the Philippine capital city. Flying debris are also dangerously flipping and flying around the funnel cloud after it was sucked by the twister in Metro Manila.

The aftermath of the natural phenomenon made a significant damage to several establishments, properties, and structures on its path. The government is still assessing the total damage to all properties affected by the tornado across the Metro. However, it is estimated that there are at least 1 million in Php. This was because there were several electric posts that were damaged, uprooted trees, broken rooftops, and broke several glasses of establishments affected by the natural phenomenon.

Watch the video below
The tornado caused a scene across Metro Manila. Media groups started publishing amateur videos from several witnesses who saw the actual phenomenon. Several videos submitted to media companies show different angles of the twister.

The Philippines is no a stranger to tornadoes. Across the country, there are similar cases of this natural phenomenon that occur each week. Regional news agencies report tornadoes causing havoc in other cities and towns across the country.

The geographical location of the Philippines is suitable for tornadoes to happen. As the country is situated in an area where almost all kinds of phenomenon exist.

Monsoon is one triggering factor why tornadoes form in the Philippines. Cloud clusters can easily form several natural weather phenomenon that can cause damages to properties or could also risk the lives of anyone near the area.

Meteorologists advise the public to stay indoors when they see a tornado in their area to prevent accidents and the risk of injuries. It is better to stay away from windows at it can be easily shattered by flying debris.

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