A photo of a young boy is now creating an online attention after it shows itself about a glimpse on how Syria continues to let its people suffer from its political crisis. The boy was rescued from a rubble when airstrikes hit a home where his family including him were currently living. An ambulance was quick to respond to the area and rescue all affected victims before they will be at risk from further injury from the airstrike.

The first rescued boy was lucky enough to be rescued by paramedics who are in the area to help with the clearing operations following an airstrike. The boy is very lucky to have survived the incident even if his home was crushed into pieces after an airstrike targeted their home. This is a common scenario that always happen in Syria from day to day basis. Each home are bombarded with numerous airstrikes that horrify the whole Syrian community as well as nearby countries in the Middle East.
Omran Daqneesh, a 5-year-old Syrian child was rescued by the paramedics along with his brother minutes after an airstrike hit their home and turned it into a pile of rubble
The boy has been lucky to be dragged alive after rescuers pulled him from a rubble in his home that was destroyed by a bomb. His photo reveals the horrors of Syria after four years of civil unrest between the government forces, the rebel groups, Russian forces, and terrorist groups who roam the area.

The name of the boy is Omran Daqneesh. his face reveals the true nature of civil unrest in Syria that still takes years before it will be back to normal. The area where the boy's house was ruined by an airstrike is located at al-Qateri area of Aleppo, a city in Syria. The airstrike happened on August 17, 2016. However, the photographic message that can be seen from the boy reminds us that Syria is still currently suffering from political and security atrocities.

After this incident, the boy realizes that his life will never be the same. He was brought to the nearest care facility to treat his injuries where they cleaned his face that has been covered by a dripping blood in his head. The boy is surprisingly not crying, which is different from other boys who were dragged out from rubbles in other case scenarios in Syria. The facial expression of the boy shows that he is very traumatized after his home was

Watch the short clip of the rescued Syrian boy below

Syria is considered as one of the worst places to stay due to an active civil unrest that is now scaring every neighborhood. The Syrian regime as headed by Bashar Al-Assad has been known to be an avid supporter of Russia. Both forces joined together to fight against the rebels as well as to prevent ISIS from expanding their territory in Syria as well as Iraq.

Most victims of airstrikes were not as lucky as Omran. Many are badly injured enough that are no longer able to survive due to massive injuries caused by the explosive impact of bombs and artilleries that hit their homes.

Millions of refugees fled the area to avoid being at risk of any harm brought about by incessant fighting between the government and rebel groups. For professionals who wants to seek for a better life abroad, they usually take aim to migrate to Europe, which is one of the most accessible ways for them to experience a greener pasture.

Netizens reacted to Omran's photos and videos, stating that his facial expression is very heart touching. His powerful message makes anyone cry because they know that he is already considered homeless and badly need an immediate help from anyone who wants to offer him a better life.

Omran will be brought to a safer environment along with other homeless children with similar situations.

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