As the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is busy with his political affairs as the president of the Republic of the Philippines, he will be relieved after learning that his daughter has a surprise to him. Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte announced on Friday that she is now carrying triplets inside her womb. The city mayor and the presidential daughter is now seven months pregnant with her husband, lawyer Mans Carpio.

Sarah Duterte is expected to deliver her triplets on April of 2017. This means that there will be three new members of the Duterte clan after Sarah delivers her triplets next year. Sarah is now in the middle of the first trimester of her pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is considered as the most crucial trimester. This is because vital organs of the babies that are under the process of development, which is why Sarah is advised not to expose herself to any stress that would affect the growth and development of her triplets.
Davao City Mayor and First daughter Sarah Duterte-Carpio

In this case of Sarah Duterte's pregnancy, this is a rare case scenario for a certain family to bear triplets. Having a multifetal pregnancy is a very delicate case because you have to care for three growing fetuses, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Sarah is now rarely seen in public because her obstetricians are now advising her to take extra precaution. Mayor Duterte stated to the public that she has been suffering from complications due to multifetal pregnancy at the first trimestral period of her pregnancy. She needs more time to take a rest rather than exposing her to environmental, physiological, physical, and emotional related stress that would affect her health.

Some complications include bloody discharges from the uterus, excessive nausea and vomiting, burning during urination, headache, swelling of the calf, and intermittent high blood pressure. Since she is expecting three babies that will be expected to be delivered on April next year, there will be a more severe complications as she is expecting triplets. Aside from these symptoms and complications, Sarah's health is expected to be weaker than usual because her body starts to compliment with the growing three babies inside her womb.

Jeffrey Tupas, which is Davao City's information officer stated that Sarah will still continue her duties and responsibilities as Mayor of Davao City. She will be complimented by her brother Paolo Duterte, which is the city's vice mayor.

Expecting triplets is a very crucial scenario because, during pregnancy, the expectant mother should always balance her health, diet, and emotional integrity. This is because there are three lives who are at risk for any threats and risks brought about by the severe symptoms and complications during pregnancy.

Mayor Sarah Duterte is also offering a public apology to the City of Davao as well as to the entire Philippines for not being usually seen in public. She is also urging for support and prayers as she is now experiencing a very delicate pregnancy.

Sarah Duterte is the daughter incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte, who is the 15th Philippine President. She is the second child of Duterte's first wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Sarah Duterte has two children; namely, Sharky Duterte and Mateo Lucas Duterte.

Congratulations, Mayor Sarah Duterte

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