A veteran and a well-known actress once again left the world of Philippine cinema. Remember Lilia Cuntapay, which was regarded as the "queen of horror" in the Philippine cinema. This is in the name of Lilia Cuntapay passed away according to her granddaughter Elma Cuntapay-Daet who informed the members of the media. Lilia joined the creator at approximately 6 o' clock in the morning. The cause of death was due to the complications from her spinal cord illness. According to the informant, Lilia died at her son's home, Gilmore Cuntapay in Barangay Tartaraband, Pinili, Ilocos Norte. She was 81-years-old.

Earlier, Lilia sought for help to aid for her spinal cord ailment to the public. Her spinal cord ailment was responsible for causing her posture as well as being unable to walk or run even in short distances. Lilia's showbiz friends offered some financial and several medical aides to help her regain strength so that she could continue working with the entertainment industry. Madame Cuntapay was also unable to stand related to her spinal cord problem.
Lilia Cuntapay, the queen of horror in Philippine cinema
Lilia Cuntapay was often seen in various horror cinema. With her long grey hair, she was a cast as the "white lady", "black lady", "sorceress", and a ghostly figure presented in various movies. Her prominent casting from various horror or suspense movies made reputation being as the "horror queen" in Philippine cinematography.

Lilia was under the care of her offspring since she started suffering from various diseases. Even in the past years, she was featured in a various television segment that she was already seeking for financial help to pay her bills as well as medical expenses. As a person who reached the age of retirement, she was vulnerable contracting communicable diseases. Lilia stated before that she was also suffering from several non-communicable diseases that caused gradual disabilities in her body.

Aside from various horror movies, Lilia was also featured in a variety of television sit-coms. She appeared in several variety shows hosted by different television networks in the Philippines. Cuntapay was famously known due to her trademark as the lady in either a plain white or plain black dress, impersonating an inanimate being known as the black or white lady. Lilia is often dressed in a plain white or plain black clothing while her hair is visible in front, intentionally entertaining anyone who sees her.

In 2011, Lilia was the recipient of Best Actress award where she was regarded as the "queen of Philippine horror movies". The recognition was credited to her participation from multiple horror and suspense-themed films in Philippine cinema.

Lilia Cuntapay started her television career as an extra. She was one of the earliest actors trained under LVN pictures. Her acting role made a hit when she portrayed a scary nanny in a horror movie entitled "Shake Rattle & Roll 3". When she made hit as a villain of horror films, Lilia slowly carved a name for herself as a horror celebrity.

Before entering showbiz, Lilia was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education major in Elementary Education. She taught several elementary students in Tuguegarao. After venturing her professional career in teaching, she shifting into a buy-and-sell trade. Lilia was also an office staff at the National Police Commission.

Lilia Cuntapay was born on January 3, 1935. She was a native in Tuguegarao, Cagayan province. She speaks Ilocano and Ibanag.

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