Singer and personality Christina Grimmie was pronounced dead by the attending medical personnel following a gunshot wound by a gunman. She was initially brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center in an attempt to contain her wounds responsible for costing her life after the gruesome incident at the concert. However, the wounds were deep enough to cause an extensive damage to her affected organs while being treated in the hospital. Fans started to pour their emotional support to the singer's sudden demise after the incident

Grimmie's brother is considered a hero of the incident for helping to prevent further damages that the suspect could potentially do to other individuals aside from Christina Grimmie as well as with other supporters. The suspect decided to shoot and then instantly killing himself before being approached by the victim's brother as well as the authorities. Luckily, others who were at the scene were lucky to have survived from the horrific incident, which was an unexpected scenario, knowing that the concert was successfully launched and then brought happy outcome to the supporters of the event.
Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie was just busy signing autographs for her fans and supporters after the event. She and the concert staff were also busy selling concert merchandise when a stranger suddenly appeared and approached directly at Christina. Upon reaching the singer at close range, the stranger pulled his gun and began shooting Christina and then fires the gun to other people. But with the quick thinking of Christina's brother, other staff and witnesses nearby were saved.

According to responding police officers at the scene, the unidentified suspect that was also dead at the scene was carrying two guns. Police officers were trying to confirm the total number of shots that were fired. But witnesses claim that they heard at least five shots while fleeing from the scene in panic in order to seek for safety.

It was still unknown with regards to the real motive of the gunman's motive behind the rampage against Christina or to other staff. Speculations that Grimmie and the gunman know each other or there are staff who can be possibly related with the deceased gunman. The total fatalities of the incident are only two, Christina and the gunman.

The concert organizers, audiences, families, and supporters of the late singer was devastated towards the tragedy, citing that gun violence is still one of the most feared criminal activity across the United States.

The latest situation in Orlando, Florida was just a fraction of all past gun-related violence that affects the safety and security of US residents and tourists.

From the previous hours, Grimmie started to trend on social media. Netizens were quick to tag #Prayfor Christina that was trending on Twitter. Now that Christina passed away from gunshot wounds, #RIPChristina is currently trending on twitter with more than 500,000 tweets.

Families and relatives of Grimmie currently ask the public to observe privacy in behalf of Christina Grimmie and would like to request her supporters to continue their support and prayers for the late singer.

Christina Grimme went into the spotlight two years ago when she started trending on YouTube. She also competed for the sixth edition of The Voice in 2014 where she was ranked on the third place of the reality competition.

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