Reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach made a courtesy call to the United Nations in New York City to further intensify her campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness. As part of her scheduled event as Miss Universe, she wants to use her position as a beauty queen in order to send awareness to the organization that will curb growing number of mortality and morbidity against HIV/AIDS.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach at the United Nations
 The United Nations committee graciously gave a warm welcome to Pia Wurtzbach as they coordinated with each other to fast track against a pandemic case that already affects millions of patients around the world. Pia then went through a high-level meeting with the members of the United Nations Council to tackle the global problem with regards to the spread of HIV/AIDS. In addition, both parties further discussed potential strategies to help decrease the growing numbers of mortality and morbidity cases of the disease.

As a Miss Universe titleholder, Pia never failed to impress the Miss Universe Organization for fulfilling one of the most important goals of the organization. This is to play as a role model for the organization to be a public speaker who can appraise a health awareness concern towards the eradication of a contagious disease. As a Miss Universe, it is the duty to continue the campaign to fight against the growing health dilemma that hopes to decrease disease transmission.

Pia Wurtzbach did not only attend the high-end meeting with the United Nations Council in New York to display her glamor. She was there to coordinate as an important personality to promote public health awareness not just for HIV/AIDS but also to promote awareness with other communicable diseases. This is an important event for Pia Wurtzbach as well as on behalf of the Miss Universe Organization to fulfill one of the most important advocacies that are to promote health and to prevent any transmission of infectious diseases.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was one of the few beauty queens who was invited to the event, citing that she can deliver a powerful advocacy to the world. The United Nations made the right decision to choose her at the right time because they believe that she can deliver more than the expected mission and vision as an ambassadress of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention all over the world.

Pia Wurtzbach representing the Philippines

She is applauded by her supporters for never failing to impress the world every day due to her numerous advocacies and humanitarian initiatives. As a public personality, she is also proud to use and represent her home country, which highlights the role of her nationality to support for the eradication and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Pia Wurtzbach extended her role as an ambassadress by using her public speaking advantage to deliver thoughtful interactions with the members of the United Nations Council in New York. As a woman of substance, she delivered her communication skills well, which is to emphasize her advocacies as well as future plans to promote health awareness to the world.

Pia was also seen being photographed by the members of the UN council before and after the conference inside the UN headquarters in New York City.

Pia Wurtzbach with the members of UN Council

The reigning Miss Universe proved to herself that she is not only a woman of elegance and substance. She clearly indicates that she deserved to be Miss Universe of the current edition because she is indeed confidently beautiful with a heart. She can use her charm and glory to share her blessings for patients who were victimized by the most striking sociological dilemma against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Both the UN and Pia are hoping to expect positive results with their campaign against HIV/AIDS.

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