Independence day is an annual celebration of each nation in order to commemorate the years of their freedom. Every country has their own independence day, which is an important annual celebration in order to treasure their existence as a recognized nation in the world. This means that when this day comes in that particular country, it is considered as a national holiday.

Independence day is celebrated one year after a new nation will gain their independence from a colonized nation. There are monarchs that also started celebrating their independence day after deciding that their kingdom should start being known as a state. Independence marks the symbol of a certain country's identity because this is a way for every country to be fully recognized by numerous countries, organizations, and groups all over the world.

During independence celebration, leaders of certain countries commemorate their respective national heroes. This is an important way for a country to promote their culture, customs, and identities to other countries. Public officials gather to historical sites or burial sites of their national heroes to give thanks for their sacrifices for making the country as an independent state and finally known to the world.
Flags that symbol Independence Day
The spirit of patriotism is being shown by public officials, supporters, and businessmen who attend independence day events or other related celebration. This is observed by using their national costumes, symbolizing the identity of their country's national heritage. You can observe that the wardrobes are made from their locally known products that are designed according to the national heritage of their national culture.

For every country, celebrating independence day embraces their national identity as a person. They will feel to belong in their home country, which makes them loved by their state. This is a privilege for every citizen of a certain nation to have the chance to maximize their national identity as a citizen of that particular country that makes them proud of who they are. Independence day is an annual practice that will carry on for thousands of years until a country will vanish forever.

10 Interesting facts about Independence day you should know

1. It is a national holiday: Every country will have the chance to make Independence day as a national holiday because it is one of the most important days for a country to celebrate their national identity to the world. As a national holiday, there is an existing law that legally recognizes a certain day for a country to celebrate their independence day. This is approved by the former leaders and public official to legally celebrate and remember how a nation was born.

2. Non-working holiday: All government offices will have the chance to be with their families because independence day is a national holiday. All public offices will not be able to serve their countrymen because all offices are closed. This is with the exemption of institutions operating in emergency areas. This includes the police force, health care institutions, transportation services, government owned media services, and high-ranking public officials.

3. No classes: Independence day is usually a holiday for all students because it is an important holiday for students to be able to recognize and promote their pride as a citizen of that particular nation. Independence day wants students to remember the past sacrifices that the previous heroes accomplished, making the country independent and free from coercion. But if classes fall on weekends such as Saturdays and Sundays, this is considered as another story.

4. Cultural festivities: Each country celebrates independence day by organizing cultural events in key cities or towns across the country. Cultural festivals are celebrated by means of organizing a cultural show, contests, and other forms of entertainment for the citizens to mark their annual independence day anniversary. You can witness their customs, traditions, clothing, and beliefs that are represented by a group who are presenting their intermission, fair, and advertisements to the audiences.

5. It's double pay day: Who wouldn't want to have a double pay rule during national holidays? Every worker will be happy because they are going to have their salary paid twice on that particular day. As a worker, independence day is one of the happiest working days because they will take the opportunity to have an additional benefit that motivates their responsibilities at work. Employees work overtime to maximize this rare opportunity at work.

6. Spend holidays: If Independence Day falls during Mondays or Fridays, this is the time for some to book their tickets and spend a short-term holiday vacation. Traveling is an important event that can happen to a person's lifetime because they can have the chance to enjoy their leisure time away from home. Travelers can enjoy visiting world heritage sites or go to places that are considered as one of the top destinations around the world.

7. Quality time with families or loved ones: Independence Day is a day when you take your off. This means that spending quality time with your loved ones will be a privilege because you will be able to catch up with your family members. Quality time with family and relatives maintains a strong interpersonal relationship so that you and your family will treasure your presence with them.

8. Job Fair: Who does not want new jobs? During this time of the year, government authorities are offering job fair to key cities and economic centers around the country. There will be new job fairs offered to cater the growing demand for employment. Newly graduates, retrenched employees, and individuals who are seeking a better life can have the chance to be hired and will gain a productive socio-economic lifestyle in the future.

9. Mall sale: Retail outlets and mall operators provide special discounts during this time of the year or season. This is the time when there will be more consumers to take advantage discounted items on their favorite products in the markets. Discounts ranges between 10 to 80 percent respectively, making it obviously cheaper than the regular prices of their favorite products to purchase it. There are also free items included with the special products offered to the public.

10. Day to celebrate special occasions: Independence Day is the perfect day for everyone who wants to take advantage of their free time to schedule formal or special events. These include parties, birthdays, weddings, events, and special shows. Independence Day is not only a day to commemorate national heritage as well as national identity, but it is also a time to organize events for organizers, celebrants, and for those who wants to promote socializations.

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